Let us run the race

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Building an Ark?

Not an ark (yet), but we are building a wall––not to keep people out but rather to reroute rainwater from flooding our classrooms. After many hot and dry days, the rains finally started but with a torrential rain that brought with it flooding. The irrigation ditch behind our property overflowed and flooded our classrooms last Saturday.

Cleanup is underway as I write. Thanking God for help from neighbors and church people who came to help. Last year, we experienced a similar flooding but thought it was a one time calamity. Now, it's evident that when the city workers came through the valley cementing the irrigation ditch they somehow rerouted the rain waters.

We're thankful it didn't flood our house. It seems prudent to build a wall on the back of our property to prevent any future flooding and damage to our buildings. We've dug ditches to reroute the rain waters and flooding that may occur before the wall is up.

We have a lot of work in the next few weeks but nothing will deter us from preparing for the Kids' Christmas and mountain trip. Pray with us for strength as we minister this Christmas season. We know God answers prayer.

We have an eternal Ark. Safe in Jesus no matter what floods our lives, Jesus keeps us safe from the waters that might drown us in the world's problems.

Exciting News
Look for my new children's book on Amazon available for pre-order now.
Hooray for Holidays Book 1 will release January 2, 2018
·       Animal antics draw children in with vivid illustrations.
·     Historical tidbits are sprinkled throughout
·     Stories end with a Bible principle.

Hooray for Holidays
Book 1
A children’s picture book of celebration and faith.

By Peggy Cunningham

Hooray for Holidays Book 1: A New Year’s Day Tarantula, Valentine’s Day Ponies, and President’s Day Kittens

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Holiday Fun Year-Round

I'm excited to share the cover of the first book of  my new children's series, Hooray  for Holidays. As we approach the Christmas season, Book 1 is available for pre-order now.

Start the new year off reading about Quasimodo's new hairy, scary friend—a cat and a tarantula. And, finish the year celebrating with a lost Quechua boy and a llama on Christmas Day during a rainstorm in a mountain cave.  My new children's storybook series, Hooray for Holidays  Book 1 releases January 2018. The complete series includes three stories per book with a total of four books. They will be released quarterly in 2018.

The heart-warming holiday stories with adorable animal antics, history tidbits, and Bible principles plus beautiful artwork will delight children and stretch their imagination. And, adults will recall historical facts forgotten from their grade school days.

Each page incorporates real-life animals and critters in and around our ministry base, Rumi Rancho, as the main characters. While learning history and Bible principles, children will giggle at the humorous and whimsical animals and critters that will find a place in their hearts forever. 

Look for the launch of Hooray for Holidays Book 1 soon.

Here's the little blue guy––there's a glimpse of him on every illustration in the books. Hard to find him, but kids will love playing hide and seek with him.

Excited to announce Book 1 of my new children's series, Hooray for Holidays (digital) is available for pre-order on Amazon at a discounted price. Book 1 releases in January 2018 in hardback and paperback also. 

Get it here http://amzn.to/2hPCsNG Hooray for Holidays Book 1: A New Year's Day Tarantula, Valentine's Day Ponies, and President's Day Lost Kittens.