Let us run the race

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Queen Bee Beauty

Maybe you got up this morning and felt like I did. So many things to do! Everything seemed equally urgent. But as I passed by my kitchen window, I paused to look at the birds outside. They seemed to be playing under the trees. And, the bees buzzed the flowers. The birds and bees coexisted peacefully. God’s creation––organized, peaceful, and beautiful.

·      The birds weren’t in a hurry or worried about what to eat or drink; God sends them springs of water from the hills and takes care of them. Won’t He take care of us and our stressful lives also?

·      The Queen Bee possesses a stinger, but she doesn’t use it. Her role is to fill the hive with eggs. She lives peacefully within the hive with other bees. The Queen Bee fulfills God’s purpose and enjoys peace with no need to sting. When we fill God’s role for us, we live in peace. We possess Queen Bee Beauty. And, that's your beauty tip for the day––you're welcome!

·      Are you peacefully springing along today or drowning under the weight of obligations?

When we pause to pray and worship God, we feel His presence and experience His peace springing through our soul. “He sendeth the springs into the valley,” (Psalm 104:10 KJV).

This blog is an excerpt from my recently published book, Dancing Like Bees. Here's a link to check it out on Amazon.